FAQ - Courses

What qualifications do I need to attend a course?
All requirements are detailed within each course description

How many people will be on each course?
The maximum amount of people is outlined in each course description.

I can't make attend any of the dates, but would still like to come on your course – would you be able to help?
If you make contact, we will endeavour to accommodate you in the way most convenient to yourself.

I'm a secretary to a surgeon – can I book a place in his name?
Yes, within the booking stages, you can specify that the course is being booked for someone else.

A group of professionals from the same hospital want to attend the same course – can we book together online, and will any discount be offered?
Yes, it's possible to book for multiple people to attend the same course through our online booking system, just follow the instructions in the booking system.

I'm interested in attending a course, however none of the dates on the site are any good for me – can I log my details with you to be informed when new dates are announced?
Yes, please register on the relevant course page.

Is there a minimum amount of people needed for each course, and is there a possibility my course could be cancelled if there isn’t enough?
Sadly it is necessary to have a minimum amount of delegates for each course in order for us not to lose money. However we do endeavour to keep this to a minimum, to reduce any risk or rescheduling or cancellation.

How far in advance should I book my place on a course?
This varies from course to course, and of course the best advice would be to book as far in advance as possible, however we generally find that most bookings come 2-3 months before the course.

FAQ - Facilities

I want to demonstrate a procedure to a large crowd via the HD camera link – will somebody control it for the best views?
Yes we provide a technician to ensure the best shots are achieved for the viewing pleasure of the audience. A screen will show you what everybody is seeing, and you can always ask at the time if a different angle would be preferred.

If I want to show a video, what format would this need to be in for the projector?
Our systems can handle any common video codec for the computer, and also DVDs and Blu-Rays. If you have any further requirements, if you let us know in advance we can find a way to accommodate almost anything.

Whilst broadcasting from the operating theatre, is it possible to film the event?
We have filmed procedures in this way before as shown at www.youtube.com/theclinicalexchange and can set this up for any other operation, however at least 4 weeks notice will be necessary, and an additional cost will be incurred.

Do you have any facilities for people with hearing difficulties?
All of our microphones, and audio inputs are connected to a T-loop, which can be accessed by changing a hearing aid to the 'T' position.

How many people can attend a conference at The Clinical Exchange?
Up to 48 people can attend a conference at The Clinical Exchange.

What can be done for feeding anybody attending a meeting or conference?
We have excellent links to local caterers who can offer a discounted rate if referred via us. Please contact info@theclinicalexchange.com for more details.

For guests visiting a long distance, is there anywhere to stay locally?
We also have links to local hotels, and can offer discounted rates for these as well. Please contact info@theclinicalexchange.com for more details.


The excellent teaching, small numbers of participants, and very helpful staff were the greatest strengths of the course


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