We launch our new Premed Taster Course

We've just set up our new Premed Taster Course which is aimed at students aged from 15 to 19 who are considering a career a medicine.

Each session is run for two hours, once a week, from 6pm to 8pm over an eight week period and is a mix of theory and practical (Starting Wednesday 15th September 2010).

Each course is limited to a maximum of 12 students to ensure you get ample practical time and personal interaction. 

Course details

Week 1 Imaging—looking at the different types of imaging are used for both diagnosis and to aid with treatment.
Practical—Comparing scans use of an ultrasound machine

Week 2 The skin and circulatory system.
Practical—Injection and suturing

Week 3 Airways and respiration
Practical—Test airways with a peak flow metre,. Listen to lungs with a stethoscope. Learn the art of percussion.

Week 4 The Gastro-Intestinal tract
Practical—Stitching a (synthetic) bowel

Week 5 The nervous system
Practical—Examine the effects different stimuli can have through reflexes.

Week 6 The reproductive system and pregnancy

Week 7 Life as a medical student
Practical—Taking a patient history

Week 8 Medical school interviews
Practical—Guidance on how to make the most of your interview

Final week Mock interviews and certification for students completing the full course

For further information or to book a course, please contact us on 01483 544773 or info@theclinicalexchange.com



The communication of the trainer was excellent, as was the opportunity to perform microsclerotherapy on patients


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